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Subaru says...

Shibutani Subaru Translations

Shibutani Subaru Translations
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shibutani subaru

This is a community for translations of Shibutani Subaru's weekly Eito Ranger blog found on the Kanjani8 section of Johnny's Web. Occasionally there may be translations of magazine articles or other Subaru related material but the main focus will remain his J-Web.

J-Web is available only in Japan but I'm of the opinion that Subaru's awesomeness needs to be spread as far and wide as possible so this is my way of sharing the awesomeness.

A preview of the man and my favorite Baru quote:

When you are laughing brightly you are filled to the brim with power.
Feel happiness and give thanks for everything.
You can do anything. Nothing is impossible.
One heart.
Live with strength and cheer.


-From an entry in YASUBA, the J-Web blog he shares with Yasuda.

All translations are done by me, anippan and are not to be used without credit or permission. Thanks!^^

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